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Sculpture in Italy

Sculpture can be described as living art that lives forever. Growing up in a country town in Australia, the first sculptures I experienced were the mud pies we made in our tea sets for our dolls. Upon growing and moving to a large city, I was fascinated with the first bronze sculptures I ever saw wondering how this technique was performed. My renaissance and major education was, however, upon viewing the Rodin Museum in Paris, where his passion for the female body was so evident in bronze, that my jaw dropped open in amazement. I cried when i saw Michelangelo's Pieta but when i viewed Bernini's work in marble The Rape of Persephone, in Villa Borgese, Roma, I wanted to fall prostrate at the feet of the statue, in worship of such a genius, that I was converted for life. I now have immortalized my own children in bronze.

Sculture is everywhere in Italy, one cannot escape it popping up in view in nearly every village and major city and well, Roma is of course a living museum. From the famous bronze horses of Piazza San Marco, the Cellini statues in Piazza Signoria, Florence, the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona, Roma, to the countless number of bronze, sandstone, clay and marble statues in the piazzas, museums and galleries all over Italy, there are so many magnificent pieces to see that one almost gets overwhelmed when viewing but a few of them in one day. Sometimes I feel the force of the genius almost oozing from the work and to walk 360 degrees around the impressive pieces, it is like experiencing an almost human presence, some of them are so lifelike.

I consider Bernini and Michelangelo to be the high masters of sculpture. They were spiritually gifted with a craft they excelled in to the greatest degree. They inspire reverence and awe. Viewing their works is not for the faint hearted. One can be moved to passion or humbled before a greater presence..

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