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Medical Services, Italy

Free Call 118 - Emergency health Services ( Emergenza Sanitaria)

Italy has a reciprocal hospital agreement with some countries, e.g. Australia. Please check with your Italian Consulate what your costs would be for treatment in an Italian Public Hospital. Italy has a well respected Public Hospital System which is often preferred by local Italians to Private Medical treatment where overservicing and exhorbitant costs can occur.
Travel Insurance which is highly recommended.

Pharmacies (Farmacia) are identified by a red and white cross,usually have a list outside the front door of the address of the after-hour pharmacy that is on duty in the area, if medicines are required after hours.

No vaccinations/immunizations are required for Italy.

Check the world health organisation website if you are worried about Avarian Flu but the Italians are, in general such mad health nuts themselves, that it is a very safe country as regards general population health. And make sure you cover your mouth with your hand when your cough otherwise you will have many people glaring at you or if you go out on the street with wet hair!!

One other warning - never walk barefoot in Italy in anyone's house!!! It is a no no!!

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