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Telephone, Internet Services

Italy is the queen of mobile phones with everyone now having one permanently attached to their ears. If you need to be in Italy for an extended period, it is probably cheaper to buy an Italian sim card from such companies as Wind or Tim at a mobile phone store of which there are numerous. Local calls will then be cheaper than paying from your home country. To buy further prepaid calls, this is available at any Tobacconist (Tabaccheria). If you need help often the Tabacchi will do it for you if you ask kindly.
Mobile phones signals can cut out inside old historical buildings with thick walls so out on the street is often best to make a call or in an open piazza.

Phone Cards can also be bought at the Tabaccheria for both local public phones and for international calls ask for an International phone card specifically to ring your country as there are different cards for different countries.

When making a call within Italy, the area code ( e.g. 06 for Roma) is always used, both from outside and inside the city you are calling. For international calls, dial 00 before the country code (e.g. 00 61 for Australia).
When calling Italy from outside the country include all the zeros in the local area code (eg Roma 00 39 06 ?..)

Internet Services
In every town and village, there is usually an internet point where you can hire the use of a computer. The average charge is ? 3/hour and this is charged whether you use it for ten minutes or not. The major hotels will have an internet point for your laptop but these vary widely and one needs to check at reception for the hotel rates.
Wireless connections are still not very common and also the thick walls of the many historical buildings prevent this from being effective.

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