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Travelling by Car, Italy

Golden Rules
-Traffic drives on the right and the minimum driving age in Italy is 18 years.
-Seat belts must be worn in the front and back of vehicle.
-Drivers must wear shoes and carry spare lights and a red triangle to be displayed in case of a breakdown or accident.
-A valid driving licence must be carried at all times. For international visitors and International Driving licence must be obtained in your home country.
-Lights must be turned on while driving on freeways and highways (autostrade, superstrade, tangenziale, raccordo etc.)
-Phones may only be used with either hands free equipment or headset.
-The alcohol level for D.U.I. has dropped from .08 to .05 BAC. This means that if you have a glass of wine and a grappa with dinner and you get stopped, you will be fined.

Speed Limits
50 kph in built ?up areas
90-110 kph on open country roads
90-130 kph depending on engine capacity

(Autostrade) are subject to tolls and are indicated by green signs.
Dual carriageways (Superstrade) are indicated by blue signs;
Tourist sites by yellow signs.
Italian motorway tolls can be paid with money or with the Viacard, a magnetic card which is sold in Italy at the entrances and exits of the motorways, in autogrill restaurants an din the offices of ACI (Automobile Club Italiano), Via Marsala 8, 00185 Rome, ph 06 99 81.

Road Rescue Service
24 hr emergency service provided by the ACI (Automobile Club Italia)
Ph 803 116

Fuel is sold as super (4-star), senza piombo (unleaded 95 octane), super plus or Euro plus (unleaded 98 octane) or gazolio (diesel).
Manned petrol stations are usually closed noon-4 p.m. and at night. Petrol can be bought 24 hr a day and on Sundays from automatic petrol pumps.

Parking in Italy is quite complex for the visitor to understand. The main car parks are marked by the symbol P on the city maps. White lines are for free parking and blue lines are for paid parking. Visitors are advised to not leave valuable items in their cars and to ensure that all luggage is out of sight in the boot.

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