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Travelling by Bus, Italy

There is no unified national bus service in Italy. Different bus companies control their own town to town services and there are numerous bus companies all over Italy. At the main train stations, there are usually bus ticket offices and information offices to find out where to board the appropriate bus.

The bus system in Italy is not as organised as train travel so thus is not as popular. It is, of course a lot slower as it suffers from the same vagaries of road travel as car travel and an accident on the highway can mean that your bus does not arrive on scheduled time. However as the train system does not cover all the tiny little villages scattered throughout Italy, one might have to arrive by bus. But be prepared for a long wait and sometimes they simply do not arrive and no one ever knows why!!

Tickets for intercity are bought usually at the local bus station and make sure you know the correct Italian pronunciation of your destination as the driver might not speak English.
The bus services inside each city vary from city to city and it is best to consult your local tourist guide and ask at your local tourist information office where they speak English, how the bus system works, as at the bus terminal, English might not be spoken. Tickets for local buses can be bought at the tobacconist/ Tabaccheria.

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