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Public Holidays, Italy

Offices and Shops are closed all Sundays in Italy. In major tourist areas especially during high season many shops are now open.
Here is the list of National Statutory Holidays on which most shops, offices and museums are closed:

JANUARY 1 New Year's Day
JANUARY 6 Epiphany
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
APRIL 25 Liberation Day
MAY 1 Labor Day
AUGUST 15 Assumption of the Virgin Mary
NOVEMBER 1 All Saints Day
DECEMBER 8 Day of Immaculate Conception
DECEMBER 25 Christmas Day
DECEMBER 26 Santo Stefano (Boxing Day)

Offices and Shops are also closed in the following cities on the local feast days honoring their patron Saints:

APRIL 25 San Marco - Venice
JUNE 24 San Giovanni Battista - Florence, Genoa, Turin)
JUNE 29 San Pietro e Paolo - Rome
JULY 15 Santa Rosalia -Palermo
SEPTEMBER 19 San Gennaro - Naples
OCTOBER 4 San Petronio - Bologna
OCTOBER 30 San Saturnino - Cacliari
NOVEMBER 3 San Giusto - Trieste
DECEMBER 6 San Nicola - Bari
DECEMBER 7 Sant'Ambrogio - Milan

School holidays in Italy vary from region to region by a couple of weeks and the exact dates vary according to the easter calender but in general they are from the middle of june until the middle of September.
Easter - One week
Christmas - Two weeks holiday

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