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Archaeology in Puglia, Italy

Archaeology in the Province of Brindisi, Puglia.
The archaeological heritage is one of the most significant reasons for tourist and cultural interest in this province, all waiting to be discovered. Its geographical position and favourable climate have made this territory an ideal place for human settlements ever since the most remote antiquity.

This past rises to the surface in the unspoken testimony of archaeological finds: from old Egnatia, the well preserved remains of which lie in a clearing on the coast near Fasano, to the woman of Ostuni, the extraordinary burial site of a young woman who died in childbirth about 25 thousand years ago, found in the cave of Santa Maria di Agnano and now kept in the Museum of preclassical civilisations of the Southern Murge in Agnano. As well as the "Muro Tenente" archaeological area at Mesagne, there are many other traces all over the territory.

The historic memory of the Province is preserved in the Provincial Archaeological Museum "F. Ribrezzo" in Brindisi, where visitors can choose from five interesting itineraries: the epigraph and statue section; antiquities; prehistory; numismatics; the section devoted to sculptures dated between the fourth century BC and the third century AD, found a few years ago in an underwater excavation at Punta del Serrone. The archaeological documentation to be seen in Brindisi is not limited to the Museum, for there are various sites or isolated finds of considerable interest in the provincial capital.

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