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Opera Houses of Italy

Italy is the home of opera and here you will find the great opera houses where it all began. Teatro della Scala (La Scala), Milan; Teatro San Carlo, Naples; Teatro dell'Opera, Roma; and Teatro La Finice, Venice.

Teatro San Carlo, Naples Via San Carlo, 98 80132 Napoli
The opera theatre in Naples is one the oldest in Italy, commencing in 1737. It has been home to some of the great composers in the history of opera as well as some of the greatest opera singers on the world stage such as Farinelli, Piccini, Paisiello, Cimarosa, Caruso and many others.

Today besides staging the great operatic repertoires and many nineteenth-century forgotten masterpieces, the Teatro di San Carlo has been intensely working towards the recovery of eighteenth-century Neapolitan comic operas, partly in co-operation with renowned musicologist Maestro Roberto de Simone.

The emblem of the Teatro San Carlo is the coat of arms of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies , suspended over the majestic proscenium arch, blending in with its colours: at its centre there is the stem of the House of Bourbon - three fleurs-de-lys on a light blue field - surrounded by the 21 heraldic symbols of the houses related to the ruling dynasty.

It is a pregnant emblem of the theatre's long history. Now carefully restored to its former splendour the San Carlo is the oldest working theatre in Europe (it is 41 years older than Milano's La Scala and 51 years older than Venice's La Fenice) and its regular seasons have only been interrupted once, in 1874 and 1875 due to a lack of funds. Neither the 1816 fire nor the Second World War put a halt to the theatre's activity: after the fire of 1816 the theatre was rebuilt in six months and during the war a series of concerts for the armed forces was staged in lieu of operas. The San Carlo shares with La Scala the record for the first Italian ballet school (1812) whilst its scenery school was opened as early as 1816. The magnificent history of opera at Teatro San Carlo is outlined below...

Brief History of the Teatro San Carlo, Naples

Construction of the Teatro San Carlo 1737

Opera of Teatro San Carlo, Naples in the 18th Century

Rossini and Donizetti at Teatro San Carlo in 1815

The Great Fire of the Teatro San Carlo 1816

Teatro San Carlo, Naples- Opera of Pre-War Period

Teatro San Carlo, Naples Opera after the War - Present Time


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