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Commerce, Industry, Calabria

In the Region of Calabria, Italy, only the primary sector is still of considerable importance; it is, however, characterized by a number of generally small proprietors and by a clear contrast between the coastal areas (particularly the Sibari, Sant'Eufemia and Rosarno lowlands), more highly developed and assisted by State aid and irrigation systems, and the interior, where subsistence farming is still found.

Agriculture of Calabria
Of the cereals, now declining, the main crop is wheat, while the principal crops of the now more widespread horticultural and specialized cultivations include aubergines, tomatoes, onions, water melons, beans and peppers. Sugar beet and potatoes are also important, but Calabria is famous for its olives, citrus fruit (oranges and bergamots) and wine grapes.

Industry in Calabria
The industrial sector is underdeveloped and characterized by fairly small manufacturing companies. The most important are engaged in construction, foods (sugar refineries, oil mills, wine growing-making), chemicals (Crotone, Cosenza, Catanzaro, Reggio di Calabria), textiles (woollen mills at Praia a Mare, Cetraro and Tortora), construction materials (numerous cement works), metalworking (Crotone, Vibo Valentia), engineering (Reggio di Calabria, Vibo Valentia, Castrovillari), wood processing and papermaking.

Commerce in Calabria
Commercial activities are widespread, though often inefficiently organized. Employment in the public sector is high and Calabria's immense tourist resources are now being exploited.

Certain craft industries (fabrics, lace, ceramics, woodworking) are still significant.

As a result of considerable effort by the State and various public authorities, the communications network is now gradually improving and the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway has been added to the existing littoral highways. There are three airports: Reggio di Calabria, Crotone and Lamezia Terme (international). Communications with Sicily centre on Villa S. Giovanni and Reggio di Calabria.

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