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Commerce, Industry, Liguria

In the region of Liguria, Italy, agriculture is of scant importance to the regional economy, a result of the lack of arable land. Nevertheless, some specialized crops are important: floriculture, for instance, is exclusive to the Riviera di Ponente (50% of national production). Fruit is also important (peaches, apricots, hazelnuts, figs) and vegetables (on the Albenga plain). Inland there is limited cultivation of vines and olives, though the wines and oil produced are of excellent quality. At a national level, Ligurian livestock rearing is irrelevant, and considering that the whole length of the region lies on the sea, fishing is a minor activity.

Industry of Liguria
The most important Ligurian industries, concentrated round the main ports (Genova) are: steel, engineering, petrochemicals and ship-building. This latter, faced with international competition in the construction of large vessels, is now concentrating on small coastal boats and leisure craft. The food and textile industries are also present. There is a vigorous building industry, linked especially with tourism. Electricity comes almost exclusively from thermal power stations, due to the scarcity of water resources, and in fact, Liguria is second to Lombardy (1984) in the production of thermoelectric power.

Commerce in Liguria
The service sector is highly developed and employs two thirds of the active population, as a result of commerce linked with the ports which motivates other service industries (shipping, insurance, finance, road and rail transport). Traditional tourist activities are very important.

In the past, development of road and rail communications in Liguria was obstructed by the nature of the terrain, and only in the last 20 years, with improvement of the motorway, has it been possible to ease congestion of commercial and tourist traffic.

Maritime communications are largely based on the port of Genoa (the major freight port in Italy) and at the ports of La Spezia and Savona. There is an international airport (Cristoforo Colombo) at Genoa.

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