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Archaeological Discoveries, Italy

Italy is a grand archaeological park dating over thousands of years. The earliest settlement on the mainland is dated at 1200 B.C at Cuma in Campania, by the early Greeks and the history of settlement in Sicily goes back to 1500 B.C. Then followed Etruscan settlements all over the mainland.

For years farmers have been unearthing archaeological treasures dating from all periods. It is also extremely difficult for the engineers to design new roads as when they dig too deeply they often strike an archaeological site and so then have to divert the road. Nearly every week in Italy, there is a discovery of some kind and with these discoveries comes a new learning about these ancient cultures, how they dressed, what they ate and how they lived their lives.

There is also now a lot of illegal traffic in discovered artifacts which are sold on the black market for enormous sums.
This is theft on a huge scale from the people of the world as they usually end up displayed in a private collection for only the wealthy to view.The history of humankind belongs to all, not only a selected few.

The danger with this illegal traffic is that the artifacts are often not cleaned properly by experts nor stored in pure, air tight display cabinets by their owners and are then at risk of fast decay with exposure so this in itself is a tragedy as many important relics of ancient history are then unnecessarily lost to the world forever.


Italy's oldest map found (2005-11-26 20:00:39)

Pompei Silver Dinner Sets Revealed to Public (2006-10-04 14:43:50)

Etruscan Tomb Paintings Discovered near Roma (2006-10-04 14:44:06)


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