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Current Exhibitions, Italy
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Current Exhibitions, Italy

There are so many art galleries and art museums in Italy, that the list can become confusing. The tourist information center will have a list of all the major museums and galleries in each city or village. Check opening and closing times as they are often closed on sundays.

It is best to firstly choose what type of exhibition you wish to see, e.g. Painting - The Old Masters or Modern Art, Sculpture,
Archaeological Artifacts, Design, Religious (Vatican museum), Ceramics and Pottery, Motor Cars (Fiat Museum).
Do not attempt to try to see all of a large museums in one go, as you will only exhaust yourself.
Pick out your major interest, grab a catalogue from the information desk and work out where your section of interest is located and go straight there.
After you can wander as you wish if you still have the energy as there are usually no seats available in these galleries.

Make sure you either pre order the tickets on-line if it is the Uffici Gallery in Florence, the Vatican Museum, Rome and arrive there early before opening time, otherwise you will not be able to see your favourite painting for the number of heads in front of you.

Also most museums do not allow people to enter the museum one hour before closing time. Wear well padded comfortable shoes as there is usually no seats in these museums to have a rest.

Your bags also have to be checked in at the baggage desk so do not take valuables with you on this day. Deposit them into the safe at your hotel. Photos are also not allowed so leave your camera at home as well.


Current Design Exhibitions,  Italy

Current Art Exhibitions, Italy

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