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How to Communicate in Italy

The Italian way of communicating is very direct.
They are much more open and demonstrative than our English, Australian or American ways.
They are not afraid to call a spade, a spade.
They look you straight in the eye and challenge you up front and ask you questions that the English would never dare to ask.
They seem to be so much more at ease in their bodies, comfortable in their skins, their flair for fashion, a style that comes naturally.
If you see two Italians shouting in the street at each other, this does not necessarily mean that they are angry, it means that they are having an animated discussion.

Once when I was in Napoli, trying to have an afternoon siesta, I was woken my shouting from the palazzo across the road. There were two women, one on the ground and one on the balcony four floors up.
They were waving their hands and arguing what sounded to me, ferociously and then another woman came out on the third floor and added her piece.
It seemed then all the other neighbours decided to step out and observe the sport and to see what all the noise was about.
It ended up in this tremendous cacophony of Napolitana language, not dissimilar to a flock of parrots squabbling in the nectar trees.
It was a hilarious show to watch and I enjoyed it immensely.
Then after it ended, they all went on their merry way in doors and continued what they were doing. Nothing like a bit of sport to break up the boredom.

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