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Concerts in Italy

There is a concert happening every night in all the Art Cities.
Classical music concerts are performed in beautiful churches where you are surrounded by gilt gold and marble of every colour and frescos on the ceiling while listening to exquisite music.

In summer these concerts are often in the open air in a piazza, or in one of the ancient Roman or Greek amphitheatres e.g. Taormina, Sicily or Verona, Veneto.

I highly recommend attending one of these as they are a unique experience blending history with the current arts and the setting of Teatro Greco, Taormina (see photo), high on the cliffs overlooking the Strait of Messina to mainland Italy, is one of the most spectacular concert settings in the world.

As soon as you arrive in any town or village go straight to the information office to receive the brochure of current concerts or look up the official website of your favourite singer as they all have Roma on their world tour list and you might be lucky enough to coincide with the dates.

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